General Information  
PRO-IV is a modern fourth generation (4GL) applications development system used by Major companies around the world to create robust, enterprise wide, client/server business applications. This easy to use, highly productive, rapid application development (RAD) environment greatly reduces application development time by automating much of the development process. It also ensures that consistent, uniform and well documented applications are produced. A key strength of the product is its proven ability to build “Industrial Strength” applications that can be deployed across a multitude of hardware platforms, operating environments and RDBMS/Filing systems

Maintenance and modification of the application is extremely easy. Changes made to any object, are immediately available anywhere in the application where the object is called. Documentation of files, functions and data definitions are automatically prepared and maintained for every application. PRO-IV automatically captures system changes, thus ensuring that the system documentation is always current. A well documented application is much easier to maintain.

Why is PRO-IV the Superior 4GL Choice?
PRO-IV excels in the Fourth Generation Language market for the following reasons: Application Deployment, Client/Server Configurations, Investment Protection.

Portability and Scaleability:

Business applications written in PRO-IV are portable across a wide variety of hardware platforms, databases and operating environments. Their proven scalability ensures extremely high transaction rates while supporting large numbers of users

Applications written in PRO-IV are operating environment independent. As the requirements of the enterprise change (Operating Systems, hardware platforms, databases), the application itself can remain the same. This protects the initial investment made in the development of the application. With PRO-IV, the application developer’s skills are also portable. The same PRO-IV development environment is available on all platforms, therefore the developer working on a PC application is also capable of working on a mainframe application.